Meet Prof. Silver Sumling the Author of the Book HIP HOP COMMUNICATION at this Event~

Circling Our Wagons: Reflections on Hip Hop Landscape(s) began out of the think tank and Talk Show "The Hip Hop Cypher" --host by Professor Joel Johnson and Professor Andre.

Albany State University Department of English, Modern Languages, and Mass Communication

In Hip Hop Wars, Tricia Rose argues that, "Hip Hop has become a primary means by which we talk about race in the United States." Rose's insight delves into the historical evolution of the genre and the sociological progression of the movement called Hip Hop. More importantly, Rose's inquiry of Hip Hop admits that Hip Hop has become an important apparatus by which critics, scholars, and artists can engage and examine the American social, personal, public, and private landscapes.


This conference's  essays, papers, and presentations question and investigate various aspects of Hip Hop, Hip Hop studies, and pedagogy. We hope to begin a conversation that will explore the complexity of the modernity of Hip-Hop music and culture in the midst of commercially successful Rap music.


As we reflect on the evolution of Hip Hop and the popularization of Rap music, we are reminded of the premature utterances of some of those within the Hip-Hip industry –“Hip-Hop is dead—heard what I said,”--- Our mission here at COWC is to question are we circling our wagons too soon and calling for the death of a an art form that still has life?


Hip Hop, as a text(s) with its provocative layers, opens up a myriad of issues that allows us to further illuminate and investigate societal problems. We ask that you come and join us in this robust dialogue.